Friday, September 28, 2012

Videos: How Netanyahu Could Have Improved His Iranian Bomb Presentation

Considering some of the negative reviews Netanyahu's speech to the UN is getting, maybe the problem is that the speech was too dry.

Sure, it had a diagram, but still --

Love of the Land quotes Alana Goodman, who summarizes Netanyahu's Iranian Red Line (in One Chart):
As you can see, that is a drawing of a bomb. It is divided into three stages. Iran has completed the first stage (amassing enough 70 percent-enriched uranium for a bomb), and, according to Netanyahu, can complete the second stage (amassing enough 90 percent-enriched uranium) as soon as next summer. The key here — and this is important — is to stop Iran before it enters the final stage, i.e. the completion of the bomb. Let’s hope the White House was paying attention.
Well, if the whole point was to get the White House to pay attention (no small feat), maybe Bibi could have utilized his other skills.

Here is how Netanyahu should have presented his chart to the UN:

Now that would make an impression -- who knows, maybe the US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice would have stuck around to watch.

Hat tip: My Right Word

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