Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Israel Isolated? Not When You Look At The New Up and Coming Countries of the World

Far be it from me to contradict John Kerry.

If he claims that Israel is at risk for becoming isolated if it does not make more unilateral concessions to the Abbas regime, I suppose he must be basing that assumption on something.

But in the meantime, in this changing world one does get the impression that Israel is going OK for itself.

After all, Melanie Phillips writes that not only is Christianity on the rise among the developing world -- despite Muslim persecution of Christians, but these growing communities in Africa, Latin America and Asia are likely to become Israel’s New Christian Friends

Meanwhile, Moshe Arens explains why Why Israel is Shifting Eastward as friendships with China Japan, and India are growing. The vitality of these countries is growing and getting notice -- while the stagnation in Europe is more and more pronounced.

Maybe someone should clue Kerry in.

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