Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ever Wonder Why They Think They Know What A Middle East Peace Will Look Like?

Dore Gold on The Corner:
Certainly, Israel is legally bound by past agreements signed by earlier governments. But it cannot be obligated to abide by past negotiations that simply led nowhere. Imagine a Soviet negotiator trying to force Ronald Reagan to take Jimmy Carter’s positions on arms control. It is a problem when U.S. officials say, “We all know what the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will look like,” because they base this claim on Israeli concessions at the Camp David and Taba negotiations at the end of the Clinton administration, which never produced a signed agreement. [emphasis]
Claims that everyone knows what peace will look like, and that it is only a matter of getting the sides to sit down and do what is necessary (ie, for Israel to make the necessary concessions)--those claims are just another way of pushing Israel into a corner.

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