Friday, July 16, 2010

Protesting In Israel: Anthracite Instead Of Apartheid

Seems like every activist on the planet can find something to protest in Israel--but this one is different from the ones that get the most media attention:
Hadera: 8 Greenpeace activists arrested

Eight Greenpeace activists were arrested Thursday morning as they entered an coal-fueled electrical power plant in Hadera in an attempt to disrupt coal breakdown operations.

The activists entered the power plant through the sea with inflatable dinghies and climbed up ropes to reach an elevated seaside coal dock.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Hila Krupsky says activists climbed on to a massive crane and unfurled a huge, Hebrew banner reading "coal kills." She says the protest held up coal deliveries.

The electrical company's security guards called local police and eight activists were detained, three Israeli nationals and five foreign citizens.
If nothing else, I supposed it makes for a change of pace.

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