Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two French Muslims Wearing Burkinis Banned From Pool

Looks like they taking banning the burka seriously in France:
Two Muslim women were ordered out of a swimming pool in France because they were wearing 'burkinis'.

They jumped into the water wearing garments that covered their entire bodies, including veils over their heads.

...They were asked to either change into conventional bikinis or one-piece costumes or leave the swimming pool. [emphasis added]

The article makes a point of mentioning that when it comes to the pool, the reasons are pragmatic:
Regional government official Marie-Paule Bardeche said: 'This is an issue stemming from the holiday centre's own regulations.

'They state men and women must wear ordinary swimwear for hygiene reasons. Men are not even allowed to wear long shorts in the water.'
I guess that leaves out these guys out of luck too:

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