Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looks Like Iran Is The One That Needs A #Flotilla--Lots Of 'Em (Maybe Gaza Can Help)

It's no wonder that Iran backed out of sending its own flotilla to Gaza. At the time, Iran claimed to have backed down because of Israeli threats.

More likely is that Iran is the one that really needs a flotilla:
Iranian unrest grows over economic woes

Last year's Iranian political demonstrations have given way to economic protests that could prove more worrisome for the Tehran government.

The unrest includes the first prolonged strike in the Tehran bazaar and protests by industrial workers who have gone unpaid for months.

While these incidents are not directly related to the latest round of United Nations, United States and European penalties against Iran - and do not appear to have been coordinated with the opposition Green movement - the new sanctions contribute to a climate of uncertainty that is undermining the Iranian economy and rattling Iran's leaders.
Let's see:
The Lebanese flotilla claims they are carrying 2,000 of aid
Israel sends 800 trucks/15,000 of supplies into Gaza per week.

So after all is said and done, the Lebanese flotilla brought in a days supply for Gaza--I'm sure Gazans would not mind forgoing the Lebanese aid and making a donation to Iran.

For the cause, you know.

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