Monday, July 12, 2010

IHH, Sponsor Of Gaza Flotilla, Banned In German

Here is the (Google)translation of the German article:
Federal Interior Minister de Maizière Hamas bans donations Association

Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has now banned the Frank-furt/Main-based organization "International humanitarian aid organization (IHH).

The association supports the HAMAS (Arabic "al-Islamiyya Harakat al muqqawama" German: "Islamic Resistance Movement") and directed by da against the idea of international understanding in accordance with Article 9, paragraph 2 GG / § 3 para 1 VereinsG.

The ban has taken place since the early morning in Hamburg, Hessen and North Rhine-Westphalia. 
In addition, Federal Interior Minister de Maizière:
"Under the guise of humanitarian aid, the IHH has supported a long period and in considerable financial size in the Gaza Strip-based so-called social clubs, which are assigned to the HAMAS.

The Hamas carries out violence against Israel and Israeli citizens, thereby affecting the peaceful understanding of the Israeli and Palestinian people. You already negated by its articles of association produces the destruction of Israel and encourage the use of force to achieve their political and religious goals. The Hamas militant acts in aggressive manner to ensure members and institutions of the State of Is-rael combat, the use of terrorist means to do them harm and causing further violence."
Haaretz is reporting on this too, but writes:
Despite sharing the name, the German IHH has no connection to the Turkish group that organized the flotilla to break the naval blockade of Gaza that left nine people dead.
While these may merely be 2 different branches of the same organization, the fact remains that this is one more case of the true nature of the IHH being officially recognized.

Two particular points made in the article in the name of Federal Interior Minister are welcome:
  • The IHH to supporting organizations and specifically under the control of the Hamas or support the part of the HAMAS. The Hamas is, as noted also the Federal Administrative Court in his Al-Aqsa 2004 decision, a unified structure, in which social activities can not be separated from the terrorist and political action organization.
  • Organizations that depend directly or indirectly, from German soil against the existence of the State of Israel, have forfeited their right to freedom of association.
So this may not be as satisfying as a condemnation of the Turkish branch of the IHH, but the condemnation itself--and the way it is phrased--are very satisfying indeed.

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