Sunday, September 19, 2010

Abbas Admitted To Dennis Ross What We Already Know

Writing about the Mideast peace talks, Rick Richman notes:
Near the end of his 800-page book on The Missing Peace, in a chapter entitled “Learning the Lessons of the Past,” Dennis Ross wrote that:
Whenever my exasperation with Arafat was reaching its limits, [Mahmoud Abbas], Abu Ala, or [others] … would remind me that only Arafat had the moral authority among Palestinians to compromise on Jerusalem, refugees, and borders. … “Remember, he is the only one who can concede on fundamental issues.” Often [Abbas] … or other Palestinian negotiators would tell me, “You prefer dealing with us because you see us as more moderate, but we cannot deliver, only he can.” [emphasis added]
Read the whole thing.

Considering that it was not so clear that even Arafat could deliver on any kind of compromise, it is not surprising that Abbas had difficulty even delivering on showing up.

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