Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gaza Tunnels, Once Used To Smuggle In, Now Used For Exporting

According to Reuters, the tunnel trade is doing so bad now that Gaza's troubled tunnel trade swings into reverse:
Business has become so bad for Gaza's smuggler barons since Israel relaxed its blockade that tunnel traders have given up spiriting goods into the enclave, and some have even turned underground exporters.
So what is Gaza able to export?"
"We're exporting raw materials like aluminum, copper, scrap metal, plus eggs, ducks and chickens," said one masked worker who was packing bags for the short trip underground from Rafah to Egypt, which prohibits overt commercial trade with Gaza.
I think it's great that Gaza is able to help out Egypt like this.
Maybe as the demand from Egypt grows, Gaza will be able to organize a flotilla to help them out.

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