Monday, September 27, 2010

Krauthammer On Obama--Goes For Abbas Too

Charles Krauthammer on Obama
It's really questionable how a commander-in-chief can increase the number of troops and put them in harm's way in a war he seems only to want an exit.
Similarly, why don't people see how equally questionable it is to consider as a peace partner a man who not only had to be dragged yelling and screaming to the peace table, but also looks for any pretext to leave?

For that matter, it is questionable how seriously you can take the commitment of a man who has over the past 7 years threaned to quit on 15 different occasions.

Also fortunately for Abbas, Obama is not picky about elections: Obama has not made an issue of Ahmadinejad's faux election last year, just as he does not make note of the fact that Abbas's term as President ran out about 2 years ago.

Apparently, its the office that is important, not the popular will of the people.

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