Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hamas: Hey, Who Fired Those Rockets At Israel? Not Us!

I just noticed this on Rotter--it's in Hebrew, so here is the Google Translation(with some editing):
There was no decision by the resistance groups to resume rocket fire

A Spokesman for the organization of the military wing, the Popular Resistance Committees, Abu Yousuf, said in an interview he gave to Palestinian Koedssante that there was no joint decision of the resistance groups in Gaza (with Hamas) to resume rocket fire at Israel and accused those who carried out such an operation operation with giving legitimacy to Israel to attack Gaza and bring bloodshed. Hamas after Operation Cast Lead was working energetically against Palestinian rocket attacks and ordered the Palestinian organizations to stop the rocket fire from Gaza in order not to inflame the area with the conflict with Israel.

It should be noted that whoever is responsible for most of the rocket fire are organizations that are opposed to Hamas and are affiliated with al Qaeda.
In any case, just how does Hamas gracefully back out of this without looking like they're wimping out in the face of Israel's military response? Maybe because there is no denial of being behind the highway terrorist attacks that killed 4 Israelis and an unborn child.

And if Israel had retaliated immediately after those attacks, would Hamas have denied responsibility for those too? Maybe Israel should take note.

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NormanF said...

The Hamas leadership is afraid of losing everything it holds dear.

Israel's threat to go after them may sober them up and bring an end to the recent spate of terrorist attacks on Israel.

If they don't get the message, they will pay the price.