Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Will Abbas And Fayyad Be Asked Any Of These Questions?

In an op-ed in today's Arutz Sheva, David Bedein--director of the Israel Resource News Agency & The Center for Near East Policy Research Ltd--has a few questions for Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad:
-Will you arrange for revisions -- beginning immediately -- of official Palestinian Authority textbooks, so that:
All praise of the armed struggle ("Jihad") and all praise of Palestinian terrorists ("martyrs") is removed.

Israeli cities such as Tiberias, Acre, Haifa and Tzfat are identified as such, rather than as Palestinian

All maps identify Israel as such, at least within the Green Line?
-Will you order the PBC, the official TV and radio network of the Palestinian Authority, to cease and desist from broadcasting and televising programs that incite the “armed struggle” against the state and people of Israel?

-Will you refrain from honoring terrorists by such actions as naming city squares, sports events and schools after them?

-Will you change the Palestinian Authority tourist map of Jerusalem, so that the Jewish Quarter, which is currently omitted, is properly identified?

-Will you denounce in English and Arabic the decision of the August 2009 Fatah conference, which endorsed the armed struggle against the state of Israel?

-Will you renounce in English and Arabic the draft of the Palestinian State Constitution that was adopted by the Palestinian Authority in 2003, which calls for the adoption of Sharia Law -- thus permitting no juridical status for any religion in the future Palestinian State other than Islam?

-Will you arrange for an official Palestinian Authority endorsement in English and Arabic of cancellation of those sections of the PLO covenant that call for Israel's destruction?

-Will you remove from all Palestinian Authority schools and libraries the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as well as the PHD thesis written by Abbas that asserts that Zionists worked with the Nazis to conduct mass murder of Jews during World War II?
Apparently, both are now in Washington, where the Daniel Abraham Center will be hosting Abbas and the Israel Project will be hosting Fayad--in widely publicized press events. Compare the questions they are asked with these.

Hat tip: P David Hornik

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NormanF said...

Its time someone asked those questions.

For too long the Palestinian Arabs have been allowed to evade or obfuscate their responsibility for promoting incitement and anti-Jew hatred.

And if they don't want to answer the questions put to them, well then it tells us all we to know what they really think about being a "peace partner."

You know who I mean.