Monday, September 20, 2010

Jonathan Pollard's Reaction To Being Freed In Return For A Moratorium Extension

Yesterday, I posted about word that there is talk of a possible deal where Jonathan Pollard will be released in return for a 3-month extension of the settlement moratorium.

The question posed was to what extent is Obama willing to sacrifice in the interests of peace.

Another question, of course, is whether Jonathan Pollard himself would go along with the idea.

Today, on the Justice For Jonathan Pollard website there is a new page dedicated to the Proposal to Free Pollard for 3-Month Extension of Building Freeze. The page features some of what has been written so far about a possible deal. And at the top of the page is the following disclaimer:

Jonathan Pollard's opposition to gaining his freedom at the expense of more Jewish blood being spilled (by the release of terrorist murderers or by the uprooting of Jews from the Land in any form) is well known. Therefore J4JP's posting the following news item should not be misconstrued as endorsement of the Pollard-for-a-Freeze-Extension proposal. This proposal calls upon the US to prove its own commitment to the peace process by freeing Jonathan Pollard in return for the three-month extension of the building freeze the US is demanding Israel implement when the current freeze expires on 26 September. The logic is impeccable: it posits that an offer by the US to free Pollard in exchange for an extension of the building freeze is an offer which Israel could not refuse. The commentary and subsequent update is intended only as an "FYI" for our readers. [emphasis added]
The disclaimer implies more than just not taking a stand--it would seem to imply that Jonathan Pollard would refuse to be part of such a deal, especially as it would be "an offer which Israel could not refuse."

That turns the logic that has been suggested on its head. Many have suggested that such an offer would put the pressure on Obama to free Pollard, while not endangering Bibi's coalition. The disclaimer implies that such a deal would be a way for Obama to put pressure on Netanyahu that he could not ignore. Come to think of it, who is to say that Obama would agree to release Pollard in return for only a 3 month moratorium.

And of course, in the meantime--Abbas sits back and watches, with no obligation to concede anything.

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NormanF said...

Its a bad idea because Israel would be making a concession and the risk is the US would renege at the last moment leaving Israel holding the bag.

Pollard's freedom should not be obtained by sacrificing other Jews on the peace altar.

Daled Amos said...

Considering that we've now reached the next stage where pressure to extend the moratorium is coming from the Quartet, I imagine we are not going to see the idea go any further.