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Audio: Online Shiurim On Tisha B'Av

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The following are Tisha B’Av shiurim given by Rav Ron Yitzchak Eisenman over the years, and can be listened to or downloaded from the Ahavas Israel site:

Sinas Chinam & Machlokes
The Controversy Surrounding the Printing of Shas Slavita vs. Vilna
Originally recorded: 9 Av, 5764-2004

o The Machlokes of the Kleava Get
And its Importance to Tisha B’Av
Originally recorded: 9 Av, 5766-2006

Yossele, Where Are You?
The Amazing Story of a Seven Year Old Boy that Brought the Israeli Mossad to its Knees
Originally recorded: 9 Av, 5767-2007

The Essence of Tisha B’Av
Originally recorded: 7 Av, 5767-2007

Halachos of the Three Weeks and Nine Days
Originally recorded: 24 Taamuz, 5768-2008

The Murder of Dr. Yakov Yisrael DeHan
The First Political Murder in the Modern Jewish Community of Eretz Yisrael
Originally recorded: 9 Av, 5768-2008

The Day the Learning Stopped
The Story of the Closing of the Volozhiner Yeshiva in 1892
Originally recorded: 9 Av, 5769-2009

Other shiurim include:
  • Game Theory in the Middle East (shiur by Israel Aumann, who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2005 for his work on conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis.)
  • Haggadah - Magid - And He Went Down to Egypt
  • Megillas Esther - 5769
  • The Halachic Seder
Check out  shiurim by Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman of Ahavas Israel of Passaic

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