Monday, August 31, 2009

Love For Terrorists Is Not Out Of Ignorance

Jay Nordinger at The Corner writes in response to Democratic Congresswoman Diane Watson who heaped praise on Castro, Che Guevara and Cuban health care--and called anyone who opposed Obama's health care plan a racist.

Nordinger writes:
I’m afraid that mythologizing about Guevara, Castro, and the Communist dictatorship will never end. Indeed, it will get worse after the Castros and Cuban Communism pass. I used to think — I’ve had arguments with Armando Valladares about this (he is the heroic Cuban dissident who wrote Against All Hope) — I used to think that Castro-lovers in the United States were merely ignorant: They knew not what they said or did. How could all these “liberal Democrats” support a police state? A totalitarian dictatorship?

But, some years ago, I stopped thinking that: I had to swallow that these people — certainly some dismaying percentage of them — actually like it: actually like the dictatorship and all the murderous oppression that goes with it. You can’t remain entirely ignorant or naïve after 50 years of this dictatorship. And that is a very, very bitter pill to swallow.

Read the whole thing.

The question is whether the same applies to those who unquestioningly praise and defend Palestinian terrorists. Gaza is a dictatorship--a fascist 'state' which trains youngsters to hate and kill, brutally silences opposition, and maintains a military outlook which welcomes skirmishes with Israel (until events prove how callous and incompetent Hamas really is).

Perhaps that is the secret to the silence that greets Palestinian vs. Palestinian violence: it is not that the apologists for the Arab Palestinians don't care. On the contrary, they do care--but they are willing to excuse the 'excesses' of Hamas against their own people in the name of 'the greater good'.

There was a time people gave Hitler the benefit of the doubt for the same reason.

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Don P said...

I never thought of it that way, but the point is an accurate one. It's just not possible for that many people to be that ignorant, even though the only alternative is that bad.