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"Jordan Is Palestine" Petition To Be Delivered To The Jordanian Embassy In Israel

From an email I received:


"Jordan is Palestine" Petition to be delivered to the Jordanian Embassy in Israel

"Special Delivery" to take place in honor of Jordanian Independence Day

WHO: Prof. MK Arieh Eldad, Chairman of HATIKVA Party of the National Union Knesset Faction
WHAT: A petition signed by more than 6,000 people supporting the "Jordan IS Palestine" solution to the Israel-Arab conflict
WHEN: 9:00 a.m. – Tuesday, May 24
WHERE: The Jordanian Embassy in Israel – 14 Abba Hillel St. – Ramat-Gan
MEDIA CONTACT: Na'ama Cohen: 050-867-0982


The recent revolutions in Arab countries of the Middle East prove that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the main problem of the region. Any attempts to force Israel to create or accept a Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza will only enhance the instability in this region. The world-community is experiencing growing frustration in the face of the recurrent failures to resolve this conflict. These failures are the result of a miss-diagnosis of the roots of the conflict. If it was in fact a territorial conflict between two nations over a piece of land, the logical solution of division of the land would be the true cure to the conflict and could have been achieved long ago.

But this conflict is not a territorial conflict, but a religious war – a clash of ideologies. As such, the Palestinians will never be ready to recognize Israel as a Jewish State and declare the end of the conflict.

Nevertheless, the world-community wants to grant the Palestinians a state in an attempt to end the conflict. Such results can be achieved only if the world-community recognizes the historical, demographic and geopolitical fact that the Palestinians already have a state in Jordan. Jordan is the national state of the Palestinians. It was created by giving the Arabs 75% of the area that was allocated to become the Jewish Homeland by the League of Nations in San Remo after World War I. It is also important to remember that some 80% of the Jordanian citizens today are Palestinians. As King Hussein – the late father of King Abdulla the 2nd - said time and again: "Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan."

Prof. MK Arieh Eldad, Chairman of Hatikva Party (part of the National Union Knesset Faction) has launched an international Internet petition signed so far by more than 6,000 people from all around the globe, calling on King Abdulla to declare Jordan as the National Palestinian State. If he chooses not to do so, he may find himself confronting his citizens in Amman's streets and circles within Jordanian society that will demand it. The petition will be delivered to the Jordan Embassy in Israel on May 24th, on the occasion of the Jordanian Independence Day.

On that same day, similar petitions will be delivered to Jordanian Embassies in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

We are sure that "Jordan is Palestine" is the only realistic alternative to the failing "Two States" solution.
You can still view the petition, even though you can no longer sign it.

Here is the text of the petition:

Jordan is Palestine

To His Majesty
The King of Jordan
King Abdullah the Second
The Government and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Presented this Date, the 25th of May 2011
The 65th Independence Day of the Kingdom of Jordan

As the cries for democracy reach us from Tunis, Egypt, and all around the Arab world, we call upon the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to declare itself the democratic nation state of the Palestinian people.

80% of the population of Jordan are disenfranchised Palestinians. This declarative step would correct that injustice and provide the foundation for a just, comprehensive and lasting peace between the Jewish and Arab peoples.

The late Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin wrote: "A Palestinian State can be created only on the ruins of the State of Israel".

That needn’t be the case. That shouldn’t be the case.

Let Jordan be democratic and free, and let the Palestinian people accept upon themselves the full mantle and responsibility of democratic statehood in Jordan - without the destruction or diminishment of the state of Israel and without the physical transfer of any population, neither Jew nor Arab.

We the undersigned, citizens of the world, representatives of hundreds of thousands around the world, ask the Government of Jordan and King Abdullah the Second, to proclaim the Hashemite Kingdom the democratic nation state of the Palestinians, and with this symbolic and declarative step, make a decisive contribution to Middle East and world peace.

We remind you of the brave words of your father:
“I wish democracy and peace to be my legacy to my people and the shield of generations to come.” - King Hussein I of Jordan
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