Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Can't Hamas And Fatah Just Get Along?

Looks like there is still no love lost as  Hamas accuses Fatah of hatching "a plot to materialize the wishes and aspirations of the US and the Zionist regime" 

A senior leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, lambasted the Fatah movement for pursuing the failed experiences of the past which created a wide gap among the different Palestinian groups.

"The Fatah movement has opted for deception and intrigues after signing the national reconciliation agreement and seeks to bypass the Constitution," Younus al-Astal told FNA on Sunday.

He criticized Fatah's proposal for the members of the government to take their oath before the Head of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mahmoud Abbas, instead of the parliament, and said this means that Fatah is still moving on the same old wrong way.

Astal cautioned that the Fatah movement has hatched a plot to materialize the wishes and aspirations of the US and the Zionist regime, and said they seek to persuade us to desist from resistance and recognize the Zionist regime, but this is a wish which will never come true. [emphasis added] 

Hamas and Fatah--why can't Palestinian terrorists just get along?

But at least Obama got his answer.

At AIPAC, Obama said it was up to Hamas to answer the question how Israel could negotiate with a group that does not recognize its right to exist.

Hamas's answer: Drop dead.

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