Monday, May 23, 2011

When The Republican Candidates Debate Obama, They Should Borrow A Page From Netanyahu

I remember when McCain debated Obama, the assumption was that this was McCain's opportunity to demonstrate to Americans that experience counts.

It didn't work out that way--McCain did not score a knockout and if anything, Obama appeared to hold his own, occasionally simply agreeing with what McCain said.

When the Republicans eventually do end up with a candidate and it comes time for the presidential debates with Obama, the Republican candidate could do worse than to follow the example of Netanyahu's remarks to Obama this past Friday.

Hugh Hewitt breaks down how to successfully debate Obama:

First, let the president talk, and talk, and talk. (And talk.) His frequent rhetorical cul-de-sacs numb the minds of listeners and set up the opportunity for sharp contrasts between the definitive and the ambiguous, the purposeful and the feckless.

Second, look right at him when responding. This so unnerved President Obama that his anger and frustration was visible. Whether he brought the sense of superiority to the White House or whether it erupted there, the president does not care for people who challenge him directly, cannot seem to believe that anyone would have the temerity to do so. This is the sign of a deep insecurity, and Netanyahu used it.

Next, speak from specifics, using facts and especially history. Netanyahu used history to spank the president on Friday. A GOP nominee armed with specific references -- not just to Obama's many blunders but also to clear evidence of the American exceptionalism that Obama has clearly rejected -- will put the wordy academic on his heels.

Finally, express core truths bluntly -- especially the harshest ones, such as the nature of Hamas. The president has been shrinking from clarity for more than two years, whether it is clarity on Iran, on the butcher Assad and the nutter Chavez, and most recently on the key Palestinian problem -- that Hamas, like Hezbollah to the north, wants Israel destroyed.
As a youth, Netanyahu once considered becoming a US citizen.

Obama should count himself lucky.

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