Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video: Why There Actually Is No Occupied Territory--And No Illegal Settlements

A simple review of the basic historical facts:
The English subtitles appear on the upper left.

Hat tip: ES and The Muqata

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Israel go to the International Court to make a claim and gain legitimacy for these territories?
The international Court ruled in 2004 that the land was occupied and 'all' the settlements illegal.
No , this is the usual hasbara B.S.
People have a right to their lands and not be driven into the sea by a bunch of Europeans who only connection to the land was spititual.

Daled Amos said...

First of all, the International Court did not rule that ethe land was occupied. It ruled that the security fence was illegal--a ruling that is problematic, aside from the fact it is not binding.

People have a right to their lands, but the claim that the Palestinians are a people is a very recent claim.

In any case, there has never been a Palestinian state--which is one of the reasons they never made an issue of it when the land was under the control of Egypt and Jordan.

To say that Jews are a bunch of European is absurd, since you ignore--or are ignorant--of the Jewish communities that consistently lived not only in Israel in an unbroken chain, but also those in the Arab countries.

Maybe you want to complain about that "bunch of Arabs"?

And in what way are Jews considered Europeans? Because they live there? So the Arabs who live there are also Europeans? Your argument has no substance.

Of course, you ignore the legal issues--you know, the ones in the video above.

Clearly, your righteous indignation is in direct proportion to your ignorance.

Patrick said...

Hi Daled,

I liked the video, very informative.

1) Given all the facts presented, and others not in the video, what's your opinion on the future of Judea and Samaria?

2) Should Israel relinquish them to show "good faith", keep a united Jerusalem, and avoid the demographic issue from arising?

3) For the record, as a Zionist Gentile, I don't see why Israel should have to do so in any case. But the demographic issue is going to increase with time, and not diminish.

4) On a separate issue I quite like the phrase Zionist Gentile, it's deliciously politically incorrect.