Sunday, September 02, 2012

Will the Democratic National Convention Succeed In Sinking The Obama Campaign?

Barry Rubin explains Why the Democratic Convention Plan Shows Obama Will Lose the Election:
The information released about the Democratic convention seems to show it is designed to prove how radical the party is, to play to the most limited possible sector of the population. There will be hatred and vicious character assassination. Of all the imams that could have been chosen, one with a radical background was picked to lead services while—from what I’ve read—Catholics were almost deliberately dissed. This is a convention featuring Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. There will be a lot of scary people and nasty rhetoric, sort of like a Keith Olbermann film festival.
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1872 Democratic National Convention in Maryland. Credit: Wiki Commons
The banner under the eagle reads: "Peace and Good Will"
What has been coming out of the Obama camp till now seems to confirm Rubin's analysis. They consist of such gems of Democratic consensus building such as:
  • Romney is cruel to dogs!
  • Romney has not released all of the tax returns we want!
  • Bain!
  • Romney is a racist!
  • Romney is going to set the US back into the Dark Ages!

The Republican convention went out of its way not to present a critical yet conciliatory front demonstrating the unity of a broad spectrum of Americans who support Romney and the Republican party.

Of course, the Obama campaign can claim that it is all a scam, a false front, and a lie.

Americans may well welcome from the Democrats a similar lie that they are also trying to reach out to all aspects of American life.
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