Sunday, June 16, 2013

After Erdogan, Is Obama's Second Favorite Ally in the Middle East Going to be The Muslim Brotherhood?

Barry Rubin writes Obama Doctrine: America Allies with Muslim Brotherhood to Promote Middle East “Stability”
There have been in American history the Truman Doctrine (help countries fight Communist takeover), the Nixon Doctrine (get local middle-sized powers to take part of the burden of the Cold War from the United States), the Carter Doctrine (defend Gulf Arab states from Iranian aggression), and the Reagan Doctrine (go on the offensive against Soviet expansionism). Now we have the Obama Doctrine:

An alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood to transform the Middle East.
One can understand the goal of previous "doctrines" -- policies that to a degree were successful in their goal of creating and maintaining stability.

The question is, what underlies the Obama Doctrine? After all, even if one is unaware of the extremist history of the Muslim Brotherhood and the great admiration the Muslim Brotherhood has had for the Nazis, one has only to look at how Egypt is currently faring under their rule.

As Rubin notes:
America has had many unlikely allies in its history—including Stalin and a number of Third World dictators. But have any been such strange partners as those who would like to kill all the Jews, wipe out Christianity, reduce women to permanent second-class citizens, and murder gays? Indeed, these are not only strange but unnecessary and mistaken allies.
Read the whole thing.

The same way that Obama's Palestinian policy has brought Israel-Palestinian peace talks to a complete standstill, just imagine what Obama's Middle Eastern policy will bring to the rest of the Middle East if it is carried out.

Obama plans to use the Muslim Brotherhood against Al Qaeda --
What Could Go Wrong? Credit: Wiki Commons

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