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Soccer For All -- Israeli Sports For Jewish, Palestinian and Jordanian Children

The Israel Project has prepared a flyer about the upcoming 2013 UEFA European Under-21 Championship Finals in Israel:
The 2013 UEFA European Under-21 Championship Finals kick off in Israel on June 5. Teams from the eight qualifying countries are playing each other in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Jerusalem and Petah Tikva before reaching the final in Jerusalem’s Teddy Stadium on June 18.

Participants, fans and journalists from the seven visiting countries - England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Holland and Norway – will mingle with their local hosts, friends and opponents, as well as football fans from all over the world.A TV audience of 150 million is expected to view this summer’s footballing highlight.
But there's more:

Israeli and Palestinian boys play soccer
Since 2002 projects provide Israeli and Palestinian boys
aged 6-14 from peripheral and disadvantaged communities
with extra-curricular football activities.

Football is a national sport in Israel. Every large city has a local team and throughout the year the games draw thousands of spectators. But the sport is also used as an educational tool by both grassroots organizations and official offices to promote peace and co-existence between children from the diverse ethnic, religious and social groups in the country. It is one of the cultural arenas where performance matters more than background and where friendships are easily formed across divides.

Jewish and Arab girls play basketball
Israeli, Palestinian, Arab and Jewish girls shatter stereotypes about the “other” as they play together
Since 1997, over 20,000 Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian children and youths participate in Mifalot’s programs each year.

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