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Neither The Obama Administration Nor The Media Have Realized They Are Being Played By The Islamists

"It’s remarkable how America’s enemies fool them and the mass media, too."
Barry Rubin

Barry Rubin notes that Fools Rush In Where Statesmen Fear to Tread:
How many of those enthusiastically cheering on giving arms to the Free Syrian Army really comprehend that they are going directly to the Muslim Brotherhood? Even though they should know this, they don’t really seem to comprehend who these people are and what this means. (We cannot say it too often: the Muslim Brotherhood are unrepentant Nazi collaborators, among other things.) There are about 300 nationalist officers in Turkey but all the soldiers in the field pretty watch are Brotherhood types (though not necessarily under the Muslim Brotherhood's direct discipline.

One of my friends recounted how during the Libyan operation, some leading rebels praised Usama bin Ladin and al-Qaida in interviews with Arab newspapers, then the same day were praised as moderates in American ones and portrayed favorably in interviews
.Even when it appears that the media finally catches on, it is not clear that they really do. Rubin notes that the BBC seems to have finally realized that Prime Minister Erdogan is in fact a nasty, if elected, dictator -- yet their headline --BBC reporters 'intimidated' by Turkey -- contains scare quotes, indicating that maybe the BBC has not quite yet come to terms with their recent discovery.

As a public service, Rubin offers some basic insights into the extremist groups that the Obama administration seems determined to talk to or aid:
  • The Iranian government does not want the United States to help them reach a nuclear accord.

  • The Palestinian regime does not want the United States to help them reach a two-state solution.

  • Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad does not want the United States to help him reach a diplomatic solution to who rules Syria.

  • The Syrian rebels does not want the United States to help them reach a moderate democratic state in Syria.
Read the whole thing

Obama is pursuing his vision of the Middle East -- but he does
not seem to notice -- or care -- that his partners are Islamists.
Credit: Wiki Commons

Knowledge is not only power -- when it comes to the Middle East, a little of this precious commodity may just help keep the US from adding to an already volatile and unstable situation. Unfortunately, there is no sign that any of the basic truths recounted by Barry Rubin are yet realized by the Obama administration.

This week, there will be a focus on Kerry in Israel, on his 5th trip there, as he tries (as we are told) to bring both the Arabs and the Israelis to the table.

Maybe the first step the Obama administration can take is to acknowledge that the Israelis have been there all along.

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