Sunday, May 03, 2009

"Here Comes Hillary; There Goes Lebanon"

Barry Rubin (who blogs at The Rubin Report) warns, Here Comes Hillary; There Goes Lebanon:
...Now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has travelled to Lebanon, given Sulayman a letter from President Obama, and on April 26, she declared that the letter was one “expressing the Obama administration's strong support for a free, sovereign, and independent Lebanon.”

She praised the contributions of Lebanese-Americans, the country’s “courageous citizens,” and the elections as a “milestone.” It sure will be a milestone, though unfortunately probably one marking the end of the road for independent Lebanon. And then Lebanon will become a millstone around the neck of anyone who hopes for a more peaceful, moderate Middle East.

While Clinton was talking as if the Lebanese election might be free and fair, it's already clear that this has no relationship to reality. Even the UN secretary-general is warning about the "atmosphere of intimidation" being created by Hizballah.

Clinton's job is to denounce what Iran, Syria, and Hizballah have been doing. Instead, she takes up a stance of neutrality that would be more appropriate regarding elections in Belgium. The only mention of Syria was to praise that country for finally, after six decades, sending an ambassador to Beirut. There is no mention of Hizballah or Iran, in fact--as we will see at the end of this article--her statement is objectively pro-Hizballah.
Rubin in particular points to a comment by Hillary Clinton which, even it it does not come across as pro-Hizballah, cannot come as much comfort to the Lebanese people:
"It won't surprise you to hear that I think moderation is important in the affairs of states, because that gives people from all backgrounds, and all different beliefs and convictions, an opportunity to participate. So that is up to the Lebanese people to decide, but we certainly look forward to working with and cooperating with the next Lebanese government.” [emphasis added]

Read the entire article.

No wonder that Israel is no longer alone in being wary of the plans the Obama administration has for the Middle East. In addition to showing an unconditional willingness to talk to Iran, the US now has no qualms with dealing with the terrorist groups that serve as Iran's proxies. Now the Arab world is wary of Obama as well.

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