Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Video: Music And Chevrah On Lag B'Omer Evening (Updated)

From Dixie Yid:
Here are some pictures and videos of some of the niggunim from the Hillula for Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai at Aish Kodesh (held at the YI of Lawrence-Cedarhurst) last night. It featured a secret from Rav Weinberger that is beyond words (v'hameivin yavin) and music by Nochi Krohn , Eitan Katz and Avi Feinberg on drums. With thanks to Neil in the comments for pointing this out, you can download and listen to the shiur portion of the Hillulah by Rav Weinberger for free (as of now) HERE. Amazing. The videos below don't have much of a picture in them (except for the top one of the Barditchiver Niggun where you can see Rav Weinberger), but the music and the chevra singing are the ikar. Enjoy.
Check it out!

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