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Monday Rally May 18 To Support Netanyahu

From an email:
This Monday, May 18th: Rally for a Proud & Undivided Israel!!!

Please join us in D.C. to rally in support of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, rain or shine, at:

Lafayette Park (across from the White House)
Washington, DC
May 18, 2009

Round trip transportation is available from Manhattan and Brooklyn. Charter buses will depart from:

79th and West End Avenue
New York City
Leaving promptly at 6 a.m.
If you would like to book a seat on the bus, and for all other inquiries, please contact:
Hillary Markowitz, AMCHA


770 Eastern Parkway (at Kingston Avenue)
Leaving promptly at 7 a.m.
Cost per seat: FREE
To reserve a place or to volunteer: נא להזמין מקום מראש
(718) 213-2956 / (347) 513-5130

Both buses will be returning by 8:00 p.m.

Monday, May 18, PM Netanyahu will meet with President Obama in Washington DC and will be under immense pressure to create an Arab State in the Land of Israel. Aside from violating "The Statute and eternal covenant" (See Divrei Hayamim 1: 16:15-18), an agreement would also create a terrible situation in the Land of Israel.

How so? The result will be:

1. The expulsion of nearly 300,000 Jews. The lives of 300,000 Jews will be ruined, as will yeshivot, shuls and kollelim, and the beautiful communities will be handed over to the enemy.

2. The surrender of the entire Samarian and Judean mountain range to the enemy (Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, etc.). Rockets from Hebron will hit Beersheba and Kiryat Gat; Bethlehem will hit Jerusalem; Bodrus will hit Ben-Gurion Airport; Rantis will hit Tel Aviv; Kalkilya will hit Kfar Saba and Raanana; Tulkarem will hit Netanya; Jenin will hit Afula and Nazareth.

3. The surrender of eastern Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. No more visits to the Kotel. Even with Israeli control over eastern Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, the army has shut down the Kotel for hours at a time due to security concerns. In addition, the Jews in western Jerusalem will have to deal with constant rocket and mortar attacks, as did their parents and grandparents up until 1967.

4. The surrender of over 1/3 of Israel's water supply. Israel already faces a severe water crisis. The aquifers of Judea and Samaria are of the highest quality and supply the domestic needs of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beersheba and most of the cities in the center of the country; they are also used for the irrigation of large agricultural areas along the coastal plain, the piedmont, the Beersheba valley and the Jezreel Valley.

5. The release of thousands of Arab murderers. This will strengthen the armies of Hamas and Fatah and destroy the morale of the Israeli army as it watches years of work unravel. Jewish soldiers will understand that they endanger their lives for nothing, and draft dodging will increase. In addition, the release will cause grave mental stress to all victims of terror and put the rest of the population in harm's way.

As a former IDF combat soldier and as one who is making Aliyah in the next several months, I am pleading with you to act! The "Disengagement" was only 4 years ago!

Have we already forgotten how 10,000 Jews were thrown out from their homes, shuls, schools, yeshivahs, kollelim, mikvaot and hothouses?

Have we already forgotten how those areas, which were full of life and Torah, were converted into terror training centers?

Have we already forgotten how Sderot was turned into a ghost town due to the non-stop rockets, that were a direct result of the "Disengagement"?

Have we already forgotten how most of world Jewry stood in dead silence as all this occurred?

Please heed this warning BEFORE it is too late!!!

If you or your school, shul, church or other organization is organizing a bus, please let us know, at:

Updates will be posted on:

If you cannot organize a bus to Washington DC, then please make a rally in your town or city!

I hope you make it on Monday!
Yosef Rabin

If you have not as yet signed our petition to say
"No to an Arab State in the Land of Israel," please click below:

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