Sunday, June 21, 2009

Are Only Muslim Terrorists Are Allowed To Dress As Women In Islamic Law?

Islamic law appears to be quite clear--and strict--when it comes to men wearing women's clothes:
Sixty-seven Filipino men working in Saudi Arabia face jail and lashes for 'imitating women' after being arrested at a party in which a number were dressed in drag, a Philippines embassy official said Saturday.

Riyadh police arrested all 67 men at a private party and drag show in a resort villa near Riyadh on June 13, Philippines embassy Vice Consul Roussel Reyes told AFP.

'They had alcohol and some were dressed up like women,' he said.

Both drinking and cross-dressing are forbidden under Saudi Arabia's conservative Islam-based sharia laws, and both could bring up to six months in prison and lashes.
But if cross-dressing is so expressly forbidden, how is one to explain these stories of Muslim terrorists dressing up as women in order to escape capture:


Anonymous said...

Hadith: "War is deceit," & blending in, hiding, spying justified (their opinion, not mine) by past examples like Surah 40:28 of a "believer" who "concealed his faith" and Surah 18:19 (told to "not ïnform anyone about you"). Muhammad himself practiced deceit in battle, see Bukhari Vol4, Bk 52,No198. Zawahiri quotes Hanbali on deception in case of fear & Taymiyyah. This type of stuff also gives stealth jihadists permission when infiltrating the US not to attend mosque & not to have a beard.

Daled Amos said...


But I have trouble believing that hiding by dressing as a woman is considered praiseworthy in jihad--especially considering the status of women in Islam to begin with.