Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In Iranian Election--Jews Expected To Vote For Ahmadinejad

That's right:
This, is spite of the fact that he has denied the Holocaust on a number of occasions, threatened the destruction of Israel and continues to move forward with his nuclear ambitions.

One reason given is that Jews would consider Ahmadinejad's biggest rival, Mir Hossein Mousavi, as too unpredictable. He was considered radical when he was Prime Minister from 1981 to 1989.

David Mutai, Spokesman of the Central Organization of Iranian Immigrants in Israel describes this as

a vote for the lesser evil. In the past four years the president has mainly inflamed the internal public and infuriated the nations of the world. They feel that they know him and know what he is made of, the fear is of the unknown Mousavi, and the concern is that, instead of talk, he may take action.
With that kind of description, if Ahmadinejad is the lesser evil--one can only imagine what Mousavi is. On the other hand, Professor David Menashri, Director of Tel Aviv University's Center for Iranian Studies claims that though Mousavi was a radical as Prime Minister, since then he has 'matured' and become more moderate. Just do a Google search for "Mousavi moderate" and you'll see that the media is eager to believe Menashri.

Meir Ezri, who served as Israel's ambassador to Tehran until 1975, has another insight on why Jews will vote for Ahmadinejad: pragmatism...and fear:
The votes are allegedly secret, but in hindsight are not so secret. So the Jews plan to ensure they are on the winning side. In any case, they have no problem supporting whoever is elected
No problem? Or no choice.

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