Thursday, June 18, 2009

Launching of Gateway to the Holy City

Launching Your Gateway to the Holy City

For preview: is the first-ever attempt to bring the holiest place on earth
online, providing people from all over the world with the opportunity to
explore, pray in, interact with and be inspired by Jerusalem.

Finally, Jerusalem has arrived on the internet in the dynamic and
wide-scoping manner that the city deserves, with representing
the city as a religious, historical and tourist destination, offering a rich
entry point to the city via hundreds of city guide pages, articles about the
city's ancient and vibrant trends, real-estate opportunities and its own
social network that allows users to share favorite attractions, prayers and
beliefs with each other.

Bought for $750,000, is the most expensive domain ever bought
in Israel, highlighting the seriousness with which the site's founders have
approached the endeavor of representing the city as a place worthy of
connecting to. aims to play a major role in strengthening Jerusalem's tourism
and culture industries, which represent significant sectors of the city's
economy, both in terms of the city's condition today and in terms of
potential for ongoing growth.

We invite you to experience firsthand the birth of, to peruse
the site's innovative features, and to be introduced with the founder's
vision of making to gateway to the center of the world.

Launch date Tuesday, June 23th

For preview:

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