Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Obama On The Move: Another Terrorist State--Another Dialogue Partner

If you think that word that Obama wants to open talks with Hamas and drop preconditions is just a rumor, take a look at whom Obama is talking to now:
U.S. President Barack Obama is resuming diplomatic ties with Syria after a four-year hiatus as he aims for a regional peace in the Middle East. Syrian President Bashar Assad has conditioned peace with Israel on its regaining sovereignty of the strategic Golan Heights. Slightly more than half of the population on the Golan comprises Jews, and most of the remainder are Druze.

Israeli Foreign Minister spokesman Andy David told Israel National News Wednesday morning that the move by the U.S. is part of President Obama’s policies of “talking with the enemy” and that the issue of the Golan Heights is not a top American priority.
Besides being the enemy of Israel, Syria is suspected in the assassination of anti-Syrian Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri and Syria helped Iraq against the US by allowing it to move WMD into its country.

The end result is the absurd last paragraph of the article:
Syria remains on the American list of states that support terror, but relations between the two countries have been closer since President Obama took office in January.
Obviously, if Obama can talk to Syria, he will have no problem talking to Hamas either.
The only country in the Middle East that Obama seems to have a problem with is Israel.

(Come to think of it, if Obama can invite Iranian diplomats to a barbeque at the same time Iranian protesters are being shot in the street (will they go out for ice cream afterwards?), opening dialogue with Syria is no problem).

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