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New Poll: Israelis Back Netanyahu On Settlements--But Not Overwhelmingly

IMRA has the results of a poll by Maagar Mochot poll that finds Israelis want Netanyahu to reject Obama's demands on the settlements:
According to various reports in the international press President Obama has
given an ultimatum to Prime Minister Netanyahu according to which Israel
must enter negotiations for the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian
state within two years.

#1 Should Netanyahu agree to President Obama's demand of a complete
construction freeze beyond the Green Line - including in Jerusalem and
settlement blocs - including "natural growth"?

No 56% Yes 37% Other replies 7%
(Among Likud voters: No 81% Yes 12% Other 7%)

#2 Is President Obama's demand of a construction halt truly a "make or
break" issue for the United States or if Netanyahu holds his ground there
really won't be a crisis?

Make or break 32% Won't be a crisis 50% Other replies 18%
(Among Likud voters: Make or break 19% Won't be crisis 63% Other 18%)

#3. Should Netanyahu agree to President Obama's reported demand that Israel rescind Israeli sovereignty over the Old City and other parts of Jerusalem that are beyond the Green Line as part of an agreement with the Palestinians?
No 69% Yes 18% Other replies 13%
Kadima voters: No 63% Yes 26% Other 11%
Labor voters: No 57% Yes 29% Other 14%
Likud voters: No 82% Yes 1% Other 17%

#4 Should Netanyahu agree to President Obama's reported demand that Israel abandon the settlement blocs as part of an agreement with the Palestinians?
No 51% Yes 34% Other replies 15%
Likud voters: No 75% Yes 17% Other 8%

#5 If Netanyahu bows to current U.S. pressure on the matter of construction in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, will the pressure that the United State places on Israel in the future be less, the same or increase?
Less pressure 23% Same pressure 22% More pressure 39% Other replies 16%
Likud voters: Less 19% Same 23% More 39% Other 19%

#6 Was Binyamin Netanyahu correct when he warned in the past that if a sovereign Palestinian state were established that it would be impossible to enforce security restrictions and limitations on it?
Was right 59% Wrong 28% Other replies 13%
Likud voters: Was right 83% Wrong 15% Other 2%
Kadima voters: Was right 43% Wrong 42% Other 15%
True, Israelis back Netanyahu on the settlements, but not overwhelmingly so. They may be reacting out of resentment of the pressure that Obama is applying than out of principled defense of the settlements per se.

However, when the focus turns to Jerusalem (question 3), there is a greater consensus.

On whether Obama would apply even more pressure if Israel refuses to do what he demands, only 39% think he will apply more pressure--and 23% even think there will be less. Apparently, Israelis have their eye on other countries that also seem to take Obama less than seriously.

I way I see it, if Obama really wanted to make headway on this, he should have given his speech from Jerusalem and tailored it accordingly--that would have put the pressure on Netanyahu.

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