Monday, October 24, 2011

As The Hotspots In The Middle East Increase, Israeli Bedrooms Remain The Answer

Here's your final exam question in Middle Eastern studies:

A mass of Coptic Christians marches through Cairo to protest the military government's failure to protect them from Muslim radicals. They are attacked by stone-throwing, club-wielding rowdies. Armed forces security personnel intervene, and the Copts fight it out with the soldiers, with two dozen dead and scores injured on both sides. Who is to blame?

The full credit answer is: Benjamin Netanyahu, for building apartments in Jerusalem. If that's not what you wrote, don't blame me if you can't get a job at the New York Times.
Never have so few been blamed for so much by so many, Spengler, October 12, 2011

Just why is it assumed that resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict is going to bring peace and stability to the region? Maybe it's just nothing more than the elegant simplicity of the solution.

After all, instead of having to get your hands dirty with all of those conflicts going on in the Middle East--and that is even without taking into account the revolutions resulting from the "Arab Spring"--all you have to do is solve one problem.

Better yet, everyone is supposed to know what it is that is required in order to make peace.

Better than that, all you really have to do is apply pressure on Israel to make the necessary concessions to get Abbas to agree to a deal.

(Speaking of Abbas--don't forget that January 9, 2012 will be Abbas's 3rd Anniversary: Abbas's term will have ended 3 years ago on that day)

Why deal with the failure of the Arab Spring in Egypt--with the murders of Copts and failing foreign reserves and overall lawlessness?

Why bother with the murders of unarmed civilians by the Syrian regime?

Who cares about the coming economic downturn in Turkey and what it will drive Erdogan to do?

Iran and its nuclear reactors? Feh.


Libya? What could go wrong?

Seriously--why worry about the Arab Spring when the UN can recognize a Palestinian state that will be just like the current regimes, the ones where unarmed Muslims are risking their lives to overthrow.

It's those darn bedrooms that Israelis are building.
If only Netanyahu would agree to peace talks with Abbas (1 or 2 dozen more times).

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