Sunday, October 16, 2011

Video: Emergency Committee For Israel On Hate At Occupy Wall Street

The Emergency Committee for Israel has come out with a new ad, addressing the antisemitism of "Occupy Wall Street"--the same "Occupy Wall Street" being opportunistically praised by politicians, including Obama:

Richard Baehr writes about the direction in which Occupy Wall Street is headed:
While the media stars of the Left attacked the Tea Party for any number of things (too white, too old), the Tea Party itself focused its energy on changing policy.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, and the president’s hot class warfare rhetoric are different. Their message is that 1% of Americans are keeping the other 99% down. If you are not a great success, it is because someone else has taken all the goodies, and that in itself is unfair. We should all have about the same, regardless of how hard we study, how hard we work, and our natural abilities, which of course are not equal. But by targeting those who are in the millionaire/billionaire class and those on Wall Street, one group of Americans, in particular, was certain to emerge as the real problem. Surprise, surprise, Jews are over-represented among both classes, and as this “man of the people” is happy to relay- the real problem is the 2% (the Jews) more than any old bunch of wealthy Americans, the 1%.

Let's see how this develops--whether the cases of rabid antisemitism are merely anomalies, or whether they are a symptom of uninformed left wing ideology run amok.

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