Monday, October 31, 2011

UNESCO Has Accepted Palestine...And US Follows Through

JE Dyer notes that apparently, with the acceptance of a Palestinian pseudo-state, all eyes are on Obama to see if he will follow through  to withhold funds from UNESCO. The thing is, despite statues going back to 1990, there really is little holding the Obama administration back from ignoring Congress and maintaining the UNESCO funding.

Going one step further, Elder of Ziyon examines the statutes themselves and finds that if UNESCO gives Palestinians member status below regular status, Congressional statutes do not come into play.

Bottom line, does anyone seriously expect the Obama administration that has been so hesitant to take follow through on other threats to suddenly take action which, as Elder of Zion notes, will put the US in violation of its UN treaty obligations.

Maybe they should. AFP
reports the State Department announced it is withholding its scheduled $60 million payment to UNESCO.

Jonathan Tobin writes that the US threat was driven more by fear of embarrassment than by defending Israel.

In any case, Obama will again claim it is acting as friend of Israel.

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