Friday, September 04, 2009

Khadafy Will Ask UN To Abolish The Country Of...Switzerland?

Zionists are one thing, but this time it's personal:

According to Swiss minister Christa Markwalder, Khadafy will demand that Switzerland be wiped off the map when he comes to New York Sept. 23. He apparently wants the country to be dismembered and the land parceled out among neighbouring France, Germany and Italy.

The Libya-Swiss kerfuffle began a year ago, when Khadafy's youngest son, Hannibal Khadafy, and his pregnant wife were arrested in a Geneva luxury hotel for beating two servants with a belt and a coat-hanger.
Granted that Khadafy's appearance before the UN makes Ahmadinejad's own appearance there seem almost normal by comparison, the idea of having him speak before the UN soon after the release of one of the masterminds of the Lockerbie bombing just boggles the mind. The idea that the UN would allow Khadafy to speak about such a topic is practically par for the course.

Of course, Ahmadinejad and Khadafy are merely following in the footsteps of previous terrorists and murderers such as Arafat and Che Guevara [translation here]:

"Only a perfectly disciplined army with a morale such as ours
could resist so many hostile acts without losing its self-control"

Back in 2006, when the UN authorized the filming of a biography of Guevara on the UN premises, Kofi Annan defended the action:
"We felt that it was in the U.N.'s interest for the depiction of this event to be filmed here, reminding viewers of the historic role of the organization as a forum for dialogue at the height of the Cold War and further familiarizing the movie going public with the U.N. The decision to approve the request was in keeping with the SG's well-established policy of making the organization more accessible to the general public."
These days, 'free speech' and 'dialogue' have become excuses for a lack of leadership.

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