Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let's Hope Garlasco's Reports For Human Rights Watch Are More Accurate Than His Apology

Marc Garlasco responds to reports about his collection of German memorabilia in the Huffington Post:
I'm used to taking heat for my job as a military analyst for Human Rights Watch, because our findings that this government or that armed group has violated the laws of war frequently provoke accusations that we're biased or siding with the enemy.
That's how he starts off. But the righteous indignation hides the fact that Human Right Watch Board Member Helena Cobban has been a sharp critic of Garlasco's "serious--and very basic--mistakes" last year. That is an issue that should be addressed before bragging about the pressure HRW's findings bring on governments.

Not surprisingly, the self-righteousness continues:
But I'm now in the bizarre and painful situation of having to deny accusations that I'm a Nazi.
Now it is true, as Garlasco has himself pointed out previously on the Huffington Post, that he recommended targets in Iraq that resulted in the death of innocent civilians--most would agree that contrary to Rick Ayers, Garlasco is not guilty of war crimes. And the bloggers who broke the story on Garlasco and his hobby did not accuse him of being a Nazi either.

The deception gets worse however. Garlasco claims
I've never hidden my hobby, because there's nothing shameful in it, however weird it might seem to those who aren't fascinated by military history.
The fact is that Garlasco did try to hide his hobby:
Flak88: So I am trying to figure out what to do. My book is clsoe [sic] to done, but I am not sure if I should put my name on it. If folks at work found out I might very well lose my job. That is the reality, so don't dwell on it - ok? But this is a small group of people - should I worry? And shouldn't I stand up for myself? And if I use a psyeudonym isn't that worse, like I am trying to hide something?
Another attempt at deception:
I deeply regret causing pain and offense with a handful of juvenile and tasteless postings I made on two websites that study Second World War artifacts (including American, British, German, Japanese and Russian items). [emphasis added]
You only have to know that the names of those two sites are German Combat Awards and Wehrmacht-Awards.Com to know how misleading Garlasco is being.

Yes, let's hope that Marc Garlasco's reports for Human Rights Watch are more accurate than his apology--but considering the HRW Board Member's critique above...

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Unknown said...

Just reading Garlasco's comments at

This idiot saw what was coming and turned to his fellow travelers: a farrago of lunatics, anti-semites, neo-Nazis and dolts. Garlasco knew that he was putting his career in jeopardy ("there is talk of politics") with his obsession and his book. How many of the people would have supported his decision to publish his book without a nom de plume if they knew that he worked FOR A HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION!!

He deserves to be crusified. This whole kerfuffle is so cynical and orwellian.

Daled Amos said...

This whole kerfuffle is so cynical and orwellian.

Yeah, a lot of that going around.