Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Bomb Goes Off In India--Again 'Near' Chabad House

Marty Peretz writes about another bomb going off in India, again apparently a case of Muslim terrorism:

Oh, yes, there is one other striking fact, though maybe you'd call it coincidence. The site of the bombing of the atrocity, according to theNew York Times, was near a Chabad House, part of that world network of Jewish hostels and centers of learning and prayer run by the Lubavitch movement of Hassidim. You know the one, the funny looking old man wearing a hat and peering out at you from posters and billboards from, well, everywhere. As you recall, Chabad was a successful target in the Mumbai mass murder over Thanksgiving in 2008.
Ha'aretz has a story detailing the Chabad part in the narrative. Of course, as I suggested, the proximity of Chabad might just be accidental. But, then, there are over 1 billion Hindus and Muslims in India. And the small number of Jews sure do stand out in the mob.
According to one of the commenters to the Haaretz story, the Chabad House in question is not close to the site of the explosion and was probably not the target at all:
German Bakery is 291.
The Chabad House is 24.
About 1.15 Kilometres.
About NINETY FIVE dozen metres.
I don't have any way to verify those numbers, but I hope it is accurate.

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