Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sure, We've Got Buzz--But Muslims Have Wajhy!

Just a year ago, it was Muxlim Pal:

Now, there is new website for Muslims and Arabs

Ever wished your avatar was as stylish, devout or politically conscious as you are? Now it can be, with the new online service Wajhy, which allows users to customize their online persona with traditional Arab dress and accessories like a virtual keffiyeh.
Wajhy, which means "my face" in Arabic, offers a diverse selection of features, hair and skin colors as well as more culturally specific options including different styles of hijab (headscarves), niqab (face veils) and the shmagh, a traditional headdress worn by many Arab men.
But like any initial Internet endeavor, there are some issues--though I'm not sure if they are actually bugs, or features:

For women, the only option under "makeup" is "none," and men's facial hair options are limited to unfortunate variations on the goatee. 
Additionally, certain accessories are incompatible with each other (apparently you can't play soccer and wear glasses at the same time).
Well, who can?

Still, with 82 million Arab/Muslim Internet users expected by 2012, the creators of these social networking programs can afford to laugh too.

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