Thursday, February 18, 2010

"The genius accepted by Mensa aged just 3 after IQ of 140 equals Bill Clinton"

I really don't think that title from the Daily Mail really means to imply that Mensa uses Bill Clinton as the measure by which to judge if someone can join MENSA--but there you have it:
Most three-year-olds are fascinated by cars and trucks.

But few can read and remember their number plates like William Potter does.

He can also name most towns and cities in the British Isles - and has just become one of the youngest people ever accepted as a member of Mensa.

With an IQ of 140, his intelligence is said to be on a par with that of Bill Clinton and, apparently, Napoleon Bonaparte.
One of the youngest?

My 2-year old takes out the garbage to the curb for pickup all by himself.
That may not qualify him for Mensa, but I'm sure I can see the jealousy in my neighbors' eyes.

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Merchant Services said...

Did you know that Treppenwitz is a Mensa member aka david bogner?

Daled Amos said...

Cool! I had no idea.

Soccer Dad said...

I wonder if William Potter will receive one of those invitations on his eleventh birthday.