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Is A Political Candidate Being Targeted Because He Is Pro-Israel?

I was glancing through Contentions and came across this item from Jennifer Rubin's Flotsam and Jetsam:
It seems as though “activists and liberal Mideast policy groups” don’t like the idea of Rep. Mark Kirk getting to the U.S. Senate, given his pro-Israel voting record.” You can understand that these groups wouldn’t want someone who was the “driving force behind a host of legislative efforts to sanction Iran (he’s the founder of of the Iran Working Group),” a vocal critic of the UN, and an opponent of Chas Freeman.
Following the first link takes you to Talking Points Memo--actually no, it takes you to TPMMuckraker, to be precise:

GOP Senate Contender Kirk Is Favorite Of Pro-Israel PACs
Republican Rep. Mark Kirk enters the Illinois Senate race as the member of the House who has consistently reaped the biggest contribution totals from pro-Israel PACs, making a name for himself through five terms in Congress as a hardline leader on legislation relating to the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Kirk, who is considered a moderate Republican on most issues, sailed to an easy victory in the GOP primary this week and goes into the general election race as a strong contender for Barack Obama's old Senate seat.
There are plenty of members of Congress who subscribe to the same hawkish pro-Israel positions as Kirk. But the money totals (and his legislative record) show that Kirk is a particular favorite of the pro-Israel community.
Read the whole thing.

Gee, it seems as if TPM cannot say enough 'nice' things about Kirk and his pro-Israel stand...

Considering this was considered an item worthy of being included in TPMMuckraker, and the liberal leanings of the intended audience, one gets the impression they are trying to draw a bullseye on his back rather than pin a medal on him.

But when was the last time that a major talking point for voting against a candidate was that he is pro-Israel?

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