Monday, February 22, 2010

"Pediatricians call for a choke-proof hot dog"

Hmmmm, is there a Czar for that?
Nutritionists have long warned of the perils of hot dogs: fat, sodium and preservatives to name a few.

Now, the American Academy of Pediatrics wants foods like hot dogs to come with a warning label — not because of their nutritional risks but because they pose a choking hazard to babies and children.

Better yet, the academy would like to see foods such as hot dogs "redesigned" so their size, shape and texture make them less likely to lodge in a youngster's throat. More than 10,000 children under 14 go to the emergency room each year after choking on food, and up to 77 die, says the new policy statement, published online today in Pediatrics. About 17% of food-related asphyxiations are caused by hot dogs.
The fact that any child would die from eating a hot dog is tragic, but the question remains as to how it will help to put the onus on the manufacturer as opposed to the parents who need to be aware of the potential risk.

If hot dogs are dangerous, what about popcorn, or any of a number of candies that come out in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

It 's hard not to come to the conclusion that as long as we cannot micromanage every detail of our children's lives, there are other areas that should take priority.

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