Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ever Hear The One About How Many People It Takes To Kill A Terrorist? [Updated]

Apparently more than it takes to screw in a light bulb--a lot more:
Twenty-six agents, perhaps even 30, sent to assassinate one person? Granted if they could flee the scene by sea, how could one think that Mossad agents would take cover in Iran? I ask myself. Even if they have unprecedented self confidence the likes of which are unknown?
Well, maybe there's been a little bit of exaggeration. Some aspects of the case do remind one of Inspector Clouseau:

Without disparaging the skill of Dubai's chief of police, he took pride that his investigators are much more professional than the Mossad people (whom he accuses of carrying out the operation). One must take into account that he might have gotten carried away in the success of what he had uncovered.

...It began with a leak that on Mabhouh's body there were signs of brute force that were evident that he was tortured before he was killed. There was even a report that his assassins tied him up with wire. In fact it turned out that for 10 days the Dubai police thought he had died of natural causes, so clearly had he not been tortured.

Now the world is being fed new, allegedly even more dramatic, information about 15 additional suspects, which was released by the Dubai Information Ministry and not the police.
Maybe the chief of police can straighten things out when he returns--right now he's off on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

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