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As Some Defend The Terrorist Ahmed Jabri -- Remember What He Truly Was

There are some people out there who never met a murderer of Israelis they couldn't defend -- that they could not find an excuse for letting them live to kill Jews again and again.

Gershon Baskin is one of those who will tell you that Ahmed Jaabri wasn't that bad:
The Israeli decision to kill Ahmed Jaabri was total insanity. Jaabri was behind enforcing all of the recent ceasefire agreements. He sent his troops out to stop the rockets and was prepared to reach a long term ceasefire. Jaabri was also the main interlocutor of the Egyptian intelligence service in reaching ceasefire understandings. Now who are they supposed to talk to? Who can expect the Egyptians to continue to mitigate our relationship with Gaza? Now the government and people of Israel will face a massive barrage of rockets and they bought the entrance card to Cast Lead II. God help us all. This is what I will say on London Kirschenbaum on Zissels television.
Let's get some things straight.
The pro-Palestinian apologists in the media will try to paint Jabari as some kind of "hard-nosed pragmatist"

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Who in fact was Ahmed Jabari?

  • Ahmed Jabari was born in 1960, arrested in 1982, and spent 13 years in prison. He was imprisoned again by the Preventive Security Force of the Palestinian Authority in 1998 (

  • After leaving prison, he rose quickly through Hamas’s ranks.  Ahmed Jabari took control of the group’s military wing, al-Qassam Brigades, in 2002

  • He 'professionalized’ Hamas’s warfare campaigns against Israel. Israeli officials linked him “over the past decade for all anti-Israel terror activity emanating from the [Gaza] Strip” ( and Israeli military intelligence linked him to dozens of specific attacks ( Rocket attacks ordered by Jabari have been directly responsible for the deaths of dozens of Israelis (

  • Ahmed Jabari organized and oversaw  Hamas’s suicide bombing campaign against Israeli civilians during the Second Intifada in the early 2000’s

  • Jabari organized and oversaw  Hamas’s coup of the Gaza Strip in 2007, expelling Fatah and targeting civilian Fatah supporters in what human rights groups described as “war crimes” (

  • Jabari also organized and oversaw kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit  ( He personally delivered Shalit to the Egyptians when Shalit was traded for the release of Palestinian terrorists ( Upon Shalit's release, Ahmed Jabari boasted to Arabic media that the Palestinians released as part of the deal were collectively responsible for the killing of 569 Israeli civilians (

  • Jabari was committed to further warfare against Israel. In October 2011 he committed himself to personally overseeing additional attacks and kidnappings against Israelis ( In 2010 he proclaimed that “with the power of faith, weapons and missiles, tunnels and commandos we will achieve victory for Palestine and we'll end the occupation in Gaza too” ( In 2006 he was filmed advocating jihad in order to “liberate… Jerusalem, and tomorrow the West Bank, and then Haifa, Jafffa, and Tel Aviv” (
And let's not forget about the terrorist group Hamas. Let's not forget what they are about and what they brag about doing. Hamas is responsible for the most recent escalation -- and they have not been bashful about telling you about it either, celebrating it on Hamas media outlets. In fact, over the past year, Hamas has consistently celebrated their terrorist attacks against Israel.
  • Hamas has claimed responsibility for the rocket escalation through its own website ( and according to Arabic media ( and US media (

  • Hamas also claimed explicit responsibility for rocket attacks throughout October ( & & & The group has been claiming responsibility for resumed rocket attacks as far back as summer 2012 (

  • On Monday Hamas’s Arabic website issued a statement celebrating “the fall of several Grad rockets… causing panic and destruction of homes” and boasting that “residents of communities adjacent to the Gaza Strip in the occupied Negev spent the night in fear near protected areas” ( via Google Translate)

  • In October 2012 Hamas “began a week-long celebration to mark the anniversary” and vowed to capture more Israeli soldiers (

  • In June 2012 Hamas “celebrated” the Muslim Brotherhood victory in Egypt by firing rockets and mortars at Gaza (

  • In March 2012 the group celebrated the 10th anniversary of a mass suicide bombing, with Hamas leaders celebrating the operation for “kill[ing] 36 Zionists and injur[ing] more than 150 Zionists” (

  • A December 2011 celebration on Hamas’s anniversary saw the group “reassert[ing] vows never to recognize Israel or abandon violence” ( & video:
Keep in mind that as Israel fights a military war against a terrorist enemy that has consistently violated international law by deliberately targeting civilian targets in Israel -- at the same time a propaganda is going to be waged as well.

The pro-Palestinian propagandists who wage this propaganda war will condemn Israel for defending itself while claiming that firing rockets from civilian areas in Gaza at civilian areas in Israel is some kind of brave resistance.

Don't be fooled.

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