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Video: The Israel Project: Hamas Endangers Gazan Civilians With Secondary Explosions

VIDEOS: Secondary Explosions Highlight How Hamas Risks Palestinian Lives

November 18, 2012
TIP Press:
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Though Israel uses unique and sophisticated battlefield tactics to minimize civilian casualties, Hamas's war crime of storing weapons in civilian facilities inevitably generates casualties.
In addition to straightforwardly endangering Palestinian civilians by putting them in close proximity to arms caches likely to draw Israeli fire, the amount of explosives - stored in schools, mosques, hospitals, and even zoos - all but guarantee additional damage.
Below are selections from a TIP YouTube collection documenting secondary explosions that go off in the aftermath of Israel targeting Hamas weapons caches. These near-guaranteed secondary explosions deepen the risk to Palestinian civilians located nearby. Click on the photos to go to the selected videos, or click on the link at the very bottom to go to TIP's full YouTube playlist on this issue.

IDF Pinpoint Strike on Hamas Commander's Explosives-Laden House in Gaza
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Weapons in Gaza Mosque Struck by Israel Air Force
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IDF Airstrike vs Hamas government building
reveals its true purpose 

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Hamas uses Mosques and Schools to Store its Weapons 
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Underground Weapons Storage Facility in Gaza Struck by Israel Air Force
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