Sunday, November 25, 2012

Did Abbas Give The Order For Israel's Operation Pillar?

For those who disregard the provocations of the Hamas terrorists that led to Israel's bombing of Gaza, they will be pleased to know that in undertaking Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel was merely following Abbas's advice.

Back in December 2005 -- when he was still in charge of Gaza -- Abbas told Israel to stop Gazan rockets because he couldn't:
Senior Israel Defense Forces officials and Shin Bet security service officials have said recently during internal discussions that Abbas is impotent to enforce his directives, especially on the security front.

Abbas is barely on speaking terms with some security officials, and when he succeeds in issuing an order it is not implemented, they said.

Abbas even said that the Qassam rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel are "Israel's problem" and that he does not intend to interfere. "Let the Israelis deal with it," he said.
It is to Abbas's credit that he owned up to his incompetent leadership and lack of qualifications to lead a country.

After all, Abbas's Fatah still carries out terrorist attacks against Israel -- even as recently as this past week. As the Jerusalem Post reports Fatah: We also fought Israel in Pillar of Defense:
Several armed groups belonging to Fatah in the Gaza Strip claimed Saturday that they had also fired various types of rockets and missiles at Israel during Operation Pillar of Defense.

A spokesman for the groups, which are affiliated with Fatah’s armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs’ Brigade, told reporters that his men fired 516 rockets and missiles at Israel during the conflict.
Considering his complete lack of control over the members of his own party, is it any wonder that Abbas would abdicate responsibility for preventing his people from attacking Israel?

But by the same token, why in the world is the UN on the verge of recognizing and giving legitimacy to a terrorist state under Abbas, the very man who admitted 7 years ago that he cannot be held responsible for the terrorist attacks that are sure to follow under his (lack of) control?

Hat tip: DF, who made the connection.

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