Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Is FIFI Building Hamas Missile Storage Instead Of A Bomb Shelter For Kids?

It has been reported that FIFA pledged to rebuild the Gaza stadium used to hide Fajr5 missiles:
FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke has pledged that soccer's world governing body will help rebuild the Palestine Stadium in Gaza City, after it was partially destroyed in Israeli air strikes.

"We see it our mandate to rebuild football infrastructure which has been destroyed," Valcke was quoted as saying on "We will also rebuild the stadium in Gaza, which has been destroyed.
Very economical: FIFA can rebuild both Gaza's football infrastructure -- and Hamas terrorist infrastructure -- all in one shot.

The stadium was used for storing Iranain Fajr5 rockets, the kind that Hamas terrorists used against the densely populated Tel Aviv and against Jerusalem.

Valcke goes on to say that Soccer brings people together and we will support any re-construction necessary when football infrastructure is destroyed through disasters.
I'm not sure why he thinks that Israel taking out terrorist rockets aimed at civilians is a disaster, but if Valcke and FIFA are so keen on helping Hamas, I do have a suggestion.  Why doesn't FIFA offer Hamas to build them a bomb shelter for Gaza children?
After all, since Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of neighboring Israel, it is only a matter of time before Hamas again fires missiles at Israeli civilians and Israel again will start pinpoint missions to take out those rockets.
So rather than help the terrorists by building them a civilian facility for hiding those missiles, Mr. Valcke should offer Hamas to help build a bomb shelter to prevent civilians who would otherwise find themselves being used as human shields by Hamas.
Perhaps Valcke can share with us what Hamas has to say about that.
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