Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Satire: ISM Calls For Human Rights Defenders In Sderot

Human Rights Defenders Needed in Sderot: An Urgent Call for People of Conscience

ISM Bulletin: A Satire

Note: I wrote this in response to the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) announcing they will send volunteers to Gaza in order to protect Hamas terrorists from Israeli attack

Due to the failures of the United Nations, governments and the International community to fulfill their obligation to protect the besieged civilians of Israel, we at ISM have decided to be swift with a modest proposal: we urge people of conscience to come to Sderot to act as human shields in order to persuade the Hamas regime to stop firing their rockets at civilians. Rest assured, our past callous disregard for the safety of our idealistic volunteers has nothing to do with our willingness to now send them out to defend against the wanton lethal attacks unleashed by terrorists against the Israeli civilian population.

At this time, Hamas has launched approximately 12,000 rockets and mortars over the last 12 years. By the time we send this email out, that number will be higher. We at ISM have decided upon a new approach: instead of sending more Rachel Corrie's to interfere with Israel's defense of its citizens, we have come up with the novel idea of actually helping defend innocent Israeli civilians!

Stationed in Sderot, we will make it known to Hamas that when they launch rockets into Sderot, while the alert goes out and men, women and children attempt to run into shelters within the 15 seconds till impact, we -- meaning our fine idealistic volunteers -- will stand outside, proud and defiant. We are sure that Hamas will see the light and show the same concern for the safety of our volunteers that they have demonstrated during the past week for their own people.

And if they don't -- we will still have achieved a moral victory: any ISM casualties will be added to the number of Israelis killed by Hamas, thus raising that number and satisfying those in the media who have pointed out that Israel has really been going a bit overboard in providing shelters and defense systems to protect their people.

It's win-win!

Those who are still alive when we -- again, we mean the surviving volunteers -- are done we will collectively document and report on the war crimes committed against Israel and present the list to the UN Human Rights Council, which has been patiently waiting for documentation before coming out with a condemnation of Hamas.

To endorse this action and join us in helping Hamas come to their senses, please contact: Also feel free to bring your friends. If we get enough, we can send them to Tel Aviv, which is actually more densely populated than Gaza!

In Solidarity,

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