Thursday, November 15, 2012

Video: Pallywood Returns As Gaza Injuries Faked

If you're Hamas, how do you defend the fact that you have been deliberately targeting Israeli civilians with rockets for 12 years?

If you're a Hamas terrorist, what do you do when Israel targets you and there are too many of you to hide in the local hospital basement?

You make a distraction and change the topic: let's not talk about the 12,000 rockets Hamas fires into civilian areas -- let's talk about the Gazan civilians that we've neglected to build shelters for.

Better yet: let's make up stories about Gazan casualties:
From YouTube:
What happens when the cameras turn up at the scene of an airstrike in Gaza and there simply aren't enough Palestinian dead and injured to produce dramatic footage that can be used against Israel in the international media?

Welcome to Pallywood!

Hat tip: Dan Leubitz
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Empress Trudy said...

The newspapers lap up anything fake and antisraeli