Thursday, January 10, 2013

Al Gore's Favorite TV Station -- Al Jazeera -- Threw A Party For A Child Killer

[I]n the summer of 2008 Al Jazeera threw a welcome-home party on live TV for Samir Kuntar after the Lebanese national was released from an Israeli prison where he had served twenty-nine years for bashing in the head of a four-year-old girl.
The Strong Horse, by Lee Smith, p. 30

In case you were not invited to the party, there is a video -- translated by MEMRI.
And this is the network that Al Gore brings into the US

Here is the video:

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Unknown said...

It's hard to express in words the feelings that well up when witnessing a society and "news organization" that openly celebrates a sadistic murderer and child butcher. It is not at all hyperbole to call them the moral, intellectual, and spiritual descendants of the Nazis. The death cult of Muhammad is the dark side of the human spirit; it celebrates the barbaric and brutal impulses of human cruelty and the will to power. And it does this in the guise of a religion.

Al Gore has personally made $100 million dollars by selling out to these barbarians. One can only ask if he ever did have higher ideals at an earlier time in his life. Is this the man who wrote "Earth in the Balance"? Do Al-Jazeera's ideals as expressed in their celebration of a mass murderer and sadistic child murder reflect Al Gores's ideals?