Saturday, January 12, 2013

Video: Gang Of Arab Youths Attacks Orthodox Jews In Jerusalem

The Algemeiner reports on Shocking Footage: Arabs Laugh as They Terrorize, Abuse Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem
Shocking footage emerged on YouTube Saturday of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem being hounded and abused by a mob of Arabs some of which are heard on the video to be laughing loudly.

In the video the Arab youths are seen kicking, shoving, hurling chunks of snow and shouting insults at two men. One of the Jewish men falls as he slips on stairs attempting to escape the mob and the hat of one of them is taken. The attackers are mostly hooded and wearing kaffiyehs.
Here is the video:

The article ties this attack to the fact that Israeli officials have noted an increase in Arab violence and terror activity in Jerusalem in recent months.

However, to me the main issue is the passers-by who saw this happening and kept on walking -- why didn't anyone step in to help the Chassidim or a least call out for help?

To me, that is what makes this video so shocking.

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Empress Trudy said...

Is personal pepper spray against the law in Israel?

Daled Amos said...

Apparently yes:

The spray is legal for civilians in Germany, Italy, Lativa, South Korean, the Philippines, Israel, Russia, Sweden and Spain with varying degrees of restrictions on chemical concentration or licensing.

Anonymous said...

If you listen carefully you can hear someone shouting "Itbach al yahud", kill the Jew (at 0:54 playing time).